About Total Home Electric

About Total Home Electric

Total Home Electric was founded based on industry necessity. The traditional electrical experience has completely changed its path due to a growing need for information and convenience.

Shane Flores, one of the founders has 15 years of experience in the residential and commercial control industry which heavily deals with designing lighting control systems and energy monitoring.

Mikel Cincunegui, our other founder had the electrical knowledge and experience to mesh the control and electrical industries.

This unique combination led to the birth of Total Home Electric. Being able to answer the convenience call via lighting control and information via energy monitoring has made Total Home Electric the electrical contractors for the 21st century.


With so much happening in the electrical space there is a gold rush for vendors to adapt to new trends and technologies. Total Home Electric was born with tech in mind, meaning we’re already on top of industry trends, who the best vendors are, as well as where the industry is headed while our competitors are still figuring it out.

With partnerships with industry leaders like Lutron, Sorra, Diode, Legrand and others, Total Home Electric has stepped out of the traditional electricians role. It’s no longer just plugs and switches, we’re in the world of app based electrical.


Total Home Electric has taken the traditional electrician experience and optimized it for new technology-first homes. Our team is excited to educate our clients on cutting-edge electrical integrations and be an integral part of your new home build, existing home upgrade, or custom project!


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