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Total Home Electric takes great pride in providing our clients across Texas with first-class service, thorough documentation, and clear project scope. Our expert team partners with you to provide bids that are fully transparent and leave nothing to chance.


Who We Work With: Interior Designers | Architects | Home Builders

Why Work With Us

Transparent Bidding

Our transparent bids let you know what is needed to complete the job and exactly how much it costs.

100% Accurate Bids

No item is too small, or unaccounted for, because a Total Home Electric bid goes down to the screw for complete accuracy.

No Change Orders

No surprise costs here! Our bids are final and will only change if the project scope changes.


The Total Home Electric planning process is a full breakdown of the project scope. By fully digesting the plan sets, we’re able to prepare a proposal, by room and by fixture, so everything drawn is accounted for. During this phase Total Home Electric is able to determine missing items, potential code violations, and more to avoid any roadblocks during the project ensuring budgets and timelines are accounted for up front.




Rather than estimating our work, the Total Home Electric design team takes the time to provide detailed construction documentation. This results in an incredibly thorough work order and removes any guessing from budgeting or completion timeframe.

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