Total Home Electric doesn’t give estimates, we provide firm bids to builders for any electrical project, big, small, simple or advanced. We provide a menu of lighting options, choose based on your budget, and know you’re getting the best possible product at a cost that won’t eat into your margins later.

Exterior Accent Lighting



Illuminate your home, entrances, exits, and landscaping with an integrated exterior light solution from Total Home Electric. Flood lights can upgrade the curb appeal of your home and keep your family safe by illuminating entry points around the house. 

Recessed Lighting


Upgrade your home’s lighting with recessed lighting from Total Home Electric. Recessed lights, or can lights, are a great alternative to standard fixtures and ceiling fans that offer great ambiance and a sleek look. Additionally, recessed lighting is very versatile as you can install many kinds of bulbs, including smart home integrated lighting.


Dimmers, Switches, & More!


Modernize your home with upgraded switches, dimmers, and high-tech lighting controls.

From traditional dimming switches to smart home integration and connected devices, Total Home Electric can help.

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