Residential Surge Protection


Outfit your new build, renovation, or existing home with a whole home surge protector from Total Home Electric! 

Power Surge Protection

Power surges can happen with no notice and create havoc in your home and destroy some of your most prized and necessary possessions. By installing a whole home surge protection system with Total Home Electric you can rest easy knowing you are protecting all of your electronic devices, appliances, and more.


When Do Power Surges Occur?

Power surges are sometimes triggered by severe weather or an electrical emergency, such as an automobile accident involving power lines. Beside these unforeseen events, power surges can also be caused by the regular fluctuation of power during standard use in your home. If an appliance or electronic device malfunctions causing one of these surges, all of your items are at risk.


Whole Home Surge Protectors

Surge protectors serve as an intermediary between the raw power supply and your electronic devices. Once a surge protector senses a spike in power, the protector itself trips before the power surge can hit your appliances, devices, and more. Most people use individual surge protectors at the outlet, but a whole home surge protection solution can sit at the home’s power source and eliminate the need for those large, individual surge protectors.

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