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Total Home Electric goes down to the screw to ensure your new home or renovation bid is accurate and your project gets done on time!

Updated Home Wiring

For many homeowners, the wiring in their homes is as old as the build date on the home. For older homes, this means wiring can be extremely old, outdated, and using inefficient materials. For newer homes, builders often cut costs by installing poorly graded wiring and equipment that can cause issues.

Total Home Electric offers Whole Home Wiring and Rewiring solutions for homes of all ages. 


Prevent Fire Hazards

Rewiring your home with updated wiring can prevent faulty or outdated wires from being a fire hazard. Keep your family and home safe from house fires by updating wiring and ensuring your home can handle the electrical demands of today’s modern home.


Rewiring Signs

If you’re noticing any of the signs below, it may be time to consider rewiring your home:

  • Tripping Circuit Breakers often
  • Burning smell coming from outlet
  • Flickering lights when large power is drawn from things like appliances or vacuum cleaners
  • Damanged outlets from lightning or power surges

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